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September 20, 2015: FIVE pieces featured this year, 2015, at TCDA Texas Choral Director’s Association convention. The Rock Island Line (with an additional line) Be sure to watch for additional voicings next year.


February 15, 2012: What a pleasant surprise at the Texas Music Educator’s Association Convention in San Antonio, February, 2012.  Thanks, Hal Leonard!

San Antonio-20120210-00088

January 18, 2012: I just got an email this morning from someone in Spain telling me how much he enjoyed one of my pieces, Kyrie.  How cool is that?

February 7, 2012: Thanks to all of my publishers.  I hit 200 published titles at the end of 2011.

June 6, 2010: I am very excited to start my new job at First United Methodist Church – Westchase. I will definitely look forward to going to work, and am thankful and blessed to have the opportunity to lead worship through music. Check out my new home!!!

May 10, 2010: I am very pleased to launch a new website constructed by SCMedia.  Choral directors of both the sacred and secular markets can now search my website by voicings!!  Yay !!!  Enjoy.   Please contact me with any questions you may have in the future . . ..

May 1, 2010: I am so very happy to have been introduced to Stormy Cooper Media!  Thanks to him for not only producing my new website, but also some commercial works that you will soon see on my website!! Stormy is a wonderful person with the creative voice to keep Houston’s Audio and Media industry in check. His facility is a complete audio production and recording studio that has handled every task I have thrown. I am thankful for this and so happy to have been introduced!

April 25, 2010: Searchable by voicing, its going to be great! Streaming videos, streaming audio, comprehensive library of all of my pieces. I just can’t wait to launch the site. I hope everyone is as pleased as I am. After all, my favorite color is orange. . . at least now it is!

March 2, 2010: My new website is launching. . . We are very close to launching the new website. I have browsed around the pages and am extremely excited about how easy it is to navigate. You will find all of the music in one place and all of the info organized in a way that. . . . well, what matters here is that now that my website is looking good, I have more time to compose.

February 15, 2010: I enjoyed the opportunity to observe the Houston Children’s Chorus recording here in Houston for the Shawnee Press releases coming out for Fall 2010.  What great fun and what a great job Steve Roddy does with the very talented children of Houston. Be sure to check out the pictures below.

Vicki recently visited a Sugarhill Recording Studio where members of the Houston Children’s Chorus gathered to record vocal tracks for Shawnee Press:  Present at the session were Taylor Starks, Brian Cormier, Cristina Wyatt, Imani Daffin, Molly Little, Cody Bethke, Kaitlyn Bracey, Christopher Auchter, Paige Taylor, and Olivia Hewitt.

IMG00104 IMG00105 IMG00103